October 29, 2006

Pharrell ft. Snoop Dogg - That Girl (video)

Amerie - Because I Love It (Volume 1) -- The Mixtape

1. Because I Love It
2. Kept My Head Up
3. Push It
4. Reminisce Witcha
5. Take Control
6. Same Thing
7. Blow
8. Money In The Bank
9. The Money
10. Money Maker
11. Get Gone
12. Rest Of My Life
13. That's What You Are
14. Weekend Love
15. Outro

Download Link

Ciara - Promise (video)

October 25, 2006

Boyz II Men - The Remedy

Well I thought I'lld kick things off with a BIG drop so that you didn't think that I was playing when I said that I'm going to help this place grow into something else and here is my first instalment for you all.

As I'm sure that some of you already know, Boyz II Men are current gearing up to releasing their new album The Remedy, which is set for release on February 14th, 2007 in the U.S. This is the Advanced Japanese release of the album with its very fashionable cover, which recenlty surfaced in Japan.

After getting a taste of what this album would offer when Here I Come, Booed Up and Muzak leaked onto the internet at the end of August, I was impressed and very anxious to get my hands on more songs after hearing Here I Come, which reminded me of that feeling that I got when listening to all the old school classics that Boyz II Men graced us with back in the 'good ole days' as some of us like to call them and in my opinion, those days where nothing less than that.

After listening to this advance copy of The Remedy, I couldn't resist adding it to my wishlist and I'm more than sure that you will be doing the exact same thing as Boyz II Men harmonise tracks like Perfect Love Song into your partners ears. It doesn't even matter if your rollin' solo, with an album like this in your collection, you will have already won half of the battle and your only mission will be to get that special someone that you've got your eye on to hear this album ... Hopefully in your presence in quiet, warm and comfortable surroundings away from the cold outdoors with the lights dimmed just right, but hey, how you approach the game is up to you. As long as you have this album in your collection, I'm very sure that you'll be happy to have it there.

I have to say that I am gald that Boyz II Men came back with the high standard of music that we all associated them with on this album, because I have to be honest and say that I was rather disappointed with their last effort(s) and didn't really pay much attention to them as a result and judging by the sales, I can comfortably say that I wasn't the only person who felt that way.

If marketed right, The Remedy should be a huge hit without question, so long as there is a decent amount of promo leading up to the release of this album. The album has a great dynamic style and sound comprised of slow ballads for those of us who love and appreciate authentic soul and also some equally well produced up-tempo tracks that would make hit singles and refreshing tracks to move to at home or in the club.

I look forward to hearing what you all think of this album and I'll keep you posted with any changes to the release date for the album and future singles as soon as I have them, but until then put some money aside for The Remedy and ... Enjoy.


Boyz II Men - The Remedy
Bitrate: 192 Kbps | Quality: 192kbit | Genre:RnB | Tracks:13


Muzak 04:06
Gonna Have 04:24
Here I Come 04:38
Perfect Love Song 04:05
Misunderstanding 03:57
Booed Up 04:04
You Don’t Love Me 03:46
The Last Time 03:38
Just Like Me 03:56
Crush 03:44
Ego 03:51
Morning Love 04:45
Muzak ft. Atsushi 04:02

Ladies and Gentlemen ...

There is a new face in the building.

Hi there folks,

Just thought to quickly introduce myself to you all. My name is Theodore and I will be contributing and giving my assitance to KevyKevyKelvin in helping to keep the soul experience alive and kicking with full force, which should ultimately lead to the soul expirience growing into a richer and much more vibrant expirience.

So what exactly can you expect from me I hear you asking yourselves? ... Well you can expect to see nothing less than more exclusive and blissfully soulful music provided by myself, news and reviews of the latest music and frequent updates on essential knoweledge of future projects and collaborations within the industry.

Well anyways, thats enough talk from me for now, I might aswell get the show on the road and show y'all what the deal is.


October 21, 2006

Personal Care for Men

Details for Men is a recently launched site for men when it comes to personal care, grooming, and all things err metrosexual. They have competitive pricing on some great products we would rarely buy like face creams, shaving sets, body care, hair care, sun care, and so on down the gamut of ‘details’ for men. They try to stick to top shelf brands without breaking your wallet like Anthony, Jack Black, Nickel, and The Art of Shaving. Looking for an easy to navigate and understand store to fulfill your body care shopping needs? Give this site a visit, ladies with christmas just around the corner buy something for your men

Sneakers Fans Community

This blog is about the latest trends fashion ,music and everything urban,So here is something for all you sneaker fans . At over 3,000 photos and 452 members strong, Sneakerplay has proven to be not only a great time, a wonderful place to meet serious sneaker-heads, but also an amazing look at sneaker culture as a resource. As most of you know, the doors are closed and you must be invited to get on the inside. The good news? I’ve got 5 invites here and I’m feeling generous. Send in pictures of your collection, your best kicks and prove you ‘belong there’ and I’ll make it so. Cheers!

October 16, 2006

BlackBuddafly New Stuff

Black Buddafly - Anything At All
Black Buddafly - Lucky Night

Here's some Black Buddafly i'm not sure if they were still together with their sister, i was so dissapointed when she quit the group, Anything At All and Lucky night recently leaked and are some hot tracks.

Yummy Bingham-Hott Album

Track Listing:1. Intro ft.Busta
2. Come Get It ft.Jadakiss
3. Is It Good To You
4. I Don't Really
5. You Ain't Ready
6. Quickie
7.Never Happened
8. Piece of My Heart
9. What More
10. Just Leave
11. One More Chance
12. Had To Be Me
13. All My Life
14. Time
15. Queenz
16. Is It Good To You (Remix)

1.Yummy Bingham - Time
2.Yummy Bingham - Quickie
3.Yummy Bingham - Is It Good To YouRare/Bonus/Unreleased Tracks:
1.Yummy Bingham ft.Redman - Want It Boy
2.Yummy Bingham - Sick Wit It
3.Yummy Bingham - No Trouble

Yummy Bingham's debut album has leaked and it's FIYA , plenty of up beat tracks, and some slow, more laid back joints as well. production is on point , let me know what you think about this girl check her myspace page as well http://www.myspace.com/yummybingham

Hot Tune From Omario-IceBox

Hey peeps if you thought Entourage was hott, wait until you listen to this FIYA tune this is my tune of the year , i had this tune on repeat for 2 hours, big up to Omario the track was produced by The Clutch
Omarion - listen to Icebox on myspace (clutch page) http://www.myspace.com/theclutchinc

New Mario

Mario is back with hot new single, think his album is out early next year check out

How Do I Breathe (full) - download

October 4, 2006

KevyKevy Soul Experience Hiatus

Hey sup wiv u all?

Well guys i 'm moving this week , i 'm so busy at the moment, i wont have time to post any new stuff here, and will not have broadband connection for a while but hope to be back in two weeks time, A very good friend of mine will be posting new material here, or you can have look at the archives(leftside) for previous posts ,take care love KevyKelvinKelvin

New Omarion

Neptunes on production and it's a hot tune * * * * * it sound likes that Usher tune with Pharrel " LetS get personal or Robin Thicke " i wanna luv u girl" download tune Omarion - Obsession

October 3, 2006

James "J-Lack" Lackey Productions

i 'm really feeling this guy Usher's kid Brother , yes he is such a talented Producer and he has worked with Rico Love and One Chance, Here is one track i really like produced by Him this tune is now on my profile on myspace http://media.putfile.com/Ryon-Lovett---Get-Acquainted-49

other tracks produced bt Usher's Brother
Rico Love ft. Usher - What U Sayin' (prod. by James Lackey

New Fantasia

I have to admit i never listened to this girl stuff before but i have heard she is good ,but i know she has loads of fans so here is something for you all Fantasia fans from American Idol featuring Outkast's Big Boi "Hood Boy. Download

New John Legend

New John Legend off of his upcoming album, "Money Blown." Download

Ciara's New Tune Promise

Here the new tune from Ciara from her upcoming second album, i really dont know what to say about this track , let me know what you think "Promise." Download